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One Year of the Inflation Reduction Act: A conversation with Ali Zaidi, White House National Climate Advisor

From 11:00AM - 12:00PM

In August 2022, the United States enacted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which allocated billions to grow the clean energy economy, spur private investment, revitalize manufacturing in the U.S., reduce costs for consumers, and address historic inequities and pollution that impact disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across the nation.
Now, as the IRA marks its one-year anniversary, the U.S. is already seeing a massive return on investment. To date, the IRA has helped create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, spurred hundreds of billions of dollars in clean energy, electric vehicle and battery manufacturing investments, and cut costs for everyday Americans through new tax credits and rebate programs in every state. 
Join World Resources Institute on August 17 for a fireside chat with Ali Zaidi, White House National Climate Advisor, and Christina DeConcini, Director of Government Affairs at WRI, to discuss how the law’s climate investments and incentives are delivering benefits to Americans and communities across the nation, and what needs to happen next to ensure the U.S. can continue reaping the climate, economic and societal benefits of the historic opportunity.