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GRCx Program: Campus as Lab (CaL) Best Practices to Increase the Climate Action Impact of Higher Education Institutions

From 2:00PM - 3:30PM

Join us on November 7 for a GRCx program

Presented in Collaboration with the Campus as Lab Community of Practice

Higher education institutions can play a unique role in informing, facilitating, and accelerating city climate action. Their research knowledge can inform investments and regulatory decision making; their students can provide the critical skills needed by private and public stakeholders to support implementation; their campuses can act as “living labs” to test out innovative climate solutions; and their political influence can help inform and advance needed public policy changes.

Boston has the fourth most colleges and universities of any US city. The Boston Green Ribbon Commission (GRC) Higher Education Working Group brings together leading higher education institutions in Boston to support Boston climate transformation. Under HEWG leadership, higher ed institutions have contributed foundation research and strategy to advance the City’s resilience and mitigation initiatives. An increasing number of these organizations are now putting in place formal “Campus as Lab” (CaL) strategies. These strategies seek to broadly leverage the knowledge gained from faculty research, student projects and campus operations to generate climate innovations which can then be scaled beyond the campus and help inform community-wide climate action.

This GRCx program will share an overview of CaL strategies; provide CaL best practice examples from leading higher education institutions in Boston, the rest of the US and Canada; and facilitate a discussion on how to advance the Campus as Lab strategy in Boston, including direct engagement with the City’s Climate Action Plan implementation.


  • Travis Milnes, Co-chair of the CaL Community of Practice, University of Calgary, CA, Campus as Lab Overview
  • Heather Henriksen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Harvard University
  • Liska Richer, Manager Sustainability Program, University of British Columbia
  • Professor Mark Stemen, California State University Chico

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About GRCx:
GRCx is an interactive program series from the Boston Green Ribbon Commission designed to accelerate the implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan by providing high-quality, useful content on climate resilience and carbon mitigation to the Boston community.