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GRCx Program: Climate Justice at Anchor Institutions

9:30AM - 11:00AM

This GRCx will explore the potential for organizations to think beyond their own walls to accomplish their institutional missions. Representatives from three local anchor institutions (Boston Medical Center, MIT, and Northeastern University) will join us to share projects that demonstrate how they are actively supporting climate justice. The group of panelists will share best practices, program details, and discuss potential cross-collaboration opportunities to scale their respective projects. We’ll close with a Q&A and discussion with advice from each of the panelists’ experience on building on climate justice in and around their communities.


  • Anna Goldman, MD, MPH, MPA, Medical Director of Climate and Sustainability at Boston Medical Center and co-founder of Clean Power Prescription
  • Leah Bamberger, Executive Director of Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub, Northeastern University
  • Susy Jones, Senior Sustainability Project Manager, MIT
  • Azanta Thakur, Administrative Coordinator and Project Manager, Boston Green Ribbon Commission – Moderator

Anna Goldman, MD, MPH, MPA, Medical Director of Climate and Sustainability at Boston Medical Center will share information about the Clean Power Prescription Program, which she co-founded. Made possible through IRA subsidies, the Clean Power Prescription program uses energy credits generated from a new solar power system to provide energy bill credits to patients who report difficulty affording utility payments. The program addresses both environmental and economic justice and offers opportunities for outside institutions to participate and become eligible for IRA subsidies. 

Susy Jones, Senior Sustainability Project Manage at MIT, will discuss the Fritter Model Project, which aims to transform the yellow pea into a versatile, delicious fritter, creating an affordable, plant-based protein product for dining teams. The project is a collaboration between MIT, the Kendall Foundation Food and Integration grant, Commonwealth Kitchen, and a women-owned family farm in Maine. 

Leah Bamberger, Executive Director of the Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub at Northeastern University, will explain the university’s Climate Justice Action Plan, which is currently being developed. The plan’s goal is to align existing and future efforts on campus with the concerns of surrounding communities. There will be a focus on involvement of community members, building relationships with those most impacted, and creating mechanisms of transparency and accountability.

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About GRCx:
GRCx is an interactive program series from the Boston Green Ribbon Commission designed to accelerate the implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan by providing high-quality, useful content on climate resilience and carbon mitigation to the Boston community.