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Green Labs Symposium White Paper

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission’s green labs symposium, co‐hosted by the GRC Higher Education Working Group (led by Harvard University) and the Health Care Working group (led by Health Care Without Harm), brought together more than 150 lab experts from the higher education, healthcare, and biotech sectors to explore shared challenges and successes in lab sustainability. Presentations from energy efficiency leaders, lab safety specialists, and executives showed that deep reductions in lab energy consumption are not only possible but are repeatable, predictable, low‐risk investments with the power to enhance occupant safety and engagement. Speakers identified key features of successful projects:

  • leadership support,
  • thorough exposure control assessments,
  • stakeholder communication, and
  • the information layer – the intelligent use of building data to optimize and sustain efficiency and operations.

The Green Ribbon Commission recognizes laboratory energy efficiency as an essential part of Boston’s Climate Action Plan; this document highlights the technologies and tactics that are driving this vital shift in the Boston area and beyond.

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