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Climate Adaptation and Reliability: A Legal Primer and Workshop Summary Report

In May 2017, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Boston Green Ribbon Commission (GRC), and  Boston Society of Architects (BSA) convened two workshops bringing together over 60 experienced industry professionals from diverse professional backgrounds. The workshops focused on the legal  implications of failing to adapt to known climate risks for both government entities and private sector professionals and the potential obstacles to considering and designing for climate risks. Workshop participants were asked to identify and think through on-the-ground barriers to adaptation and what role law and policy plays in encouraging or discouraging adoption of climate adaptation and resilience strategies.

Understanding climate-related liabilities could be an important lever for moving implementation efforts forward, gaining political buy-in, and overcoming present barriers. We are unaware of any multi-disciplinary discussions to date about climate liability as it pertains to adaptation in the Northeast.

This series and workshop summary seek to begin addressing this gap and to foster much-needed dialogue on this important topic.

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