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Boston Area Laboratory Energy Benchmarking Study Year 3 Data Analysis Report: University Labs

The first two years of this study involved the collection of data from 121 lab buildings from seven academic institutions in the Boston area, including building energy use data for calendar years 2014 and 2015; the Year 1 and Year 2 reports are available on this website. In this third and final year of the study, calendar year 2016 data was added to the dataset along with data for an additional 11 buildings (from two additional organizations) not previously in the sample. This final year of analysis sought to solidify the conclusions of the previous two years: in particular, it was hoped that few new data quality issues would arise and that the parameters associated with the energy scoring system would be found to be steady between Years 2 and 3. These outcomes would lend confidence in the robustness of the dataset and in the use of the energy scoring system.

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